Rental Terms

  • Renters provide own insurance and assume full liability, no exceptions
  • Rental costs are charged until the full return of equipment.
  • No equipment goes out without proper identification.
  • 7 day rentals will be charged as 4 days.
  • Equipment rental is subject to availability.
  • Rentals are payable prior to delivery without credit approval.
  • All prices are subject to HST.
  • We are not responsible for recording media that is provided with the rental. 

How do I rent from you?

Please send us an email or give us a call to let us know what gear you need and how long you need it for.  We confirm availability and details, then you give us ID and money and pick up the gear. It shall all be returned in the same condition you received it.  

What is a rental day?

A rental day is a full day of use meaning you can pickup Monday after 4pm, you have till 10am to return it Wednesday, which is day 3. 

What if I can't return it on time?

Please be courteous to other clients and be on time. We can be a bit flexible given that you call ahead and not 15 minutes before it's due back. If the gear is not returned on time, we will charge you another day. 

What do I need to rent from you?

We require 2 pieces of government issued photo IDs and a Visa or MasterCard. 

Can I pay you after the equipment is returned?

Rentals are paid upfront, unless we have a credit account in place. 

What happens if I break/lose your equipment?

All gear is rented with your insurance policy and or replacement value deposit.  

Are you insured?

Once the equipment leaves our building, it is your responsibility and we offer no coverage whatsoever. Before the gear leaves, we require proof of insurance or a deposit for replacement value. 

Do you offer multi-day discounts?

Yes we offer multi day discounts, 2nd and third days are charged at 70% of daily rates. Weeks are charged as 4 days. 

What about weekends

 Weekend rentals are charged as day and a half. Full day rate plus 50%.